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John Gaul

Process Performance Expert / Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt
President - Sum It Ascent, LLC
A thought-leader, supporting
professionals & companies large & small; locally, nationally and 
internationally across 
numerous industries.
Operational Excellence Expert / Lean Six Sigma Master
Black Belt - Trainer,
Coach, Consultant
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A life-long learner, passionately helping professionals and organizations of all sizes ascend in their careers and businesses.


Laser Cutting


Accelerated improvement in quality, delivery and cost - driving growth, brand loyalty and competitive advantage.  Taking on tough applications in high-mix, low-volume & custom operations!  Operational data insights.

US Army Soldier in Universal Camouflage


Quality & reliability for our forces around the world.  Successful scale-up of new product technologies.  Stability of core processes, supportive functions and upstream through the supply chain.



Driving superior quality, solving challenging problems for cutting-edge technology scale-ups.  Not just in operations, but in the entire supporting infrastructure and upstream through the supply chain and external subcontractors.

Cracked Rocks


Safety, product quality & consistency, efficiency, process control.  Enhance supportive infrastructure.  Utilize operational data to gain insights toward growth, market responsiveness and profit.

Oil & Gas.jpg


Safety, process control, product & service quality, efficiency - across the entire spectrum from exploring and drilling through refining, and on to retail operations.



Safety & efficiency of operations; including all supporting infrastructure.  Effective implementation of new technologies.  Operational data insights.



Operational efficacy, streamline processes, gain insight from operational data; enhance customer service & consistency.

Financial Services.jpg


Optimize customer-facing products and services while gaining efficiency in internal operations.  Stay ahead of the competition.  Strengthen brand loyalty.



Optimize the customer journey while gaining efficiency in internal operations.  Gain insight from sales/market/operational data.  Build a customer-centric organization.



Optimize patient flow and experience!  Build efficiency, safety and quality into every aspect of your services.  Lower costs by eliminating waste.



Optimize patient experience and safety while maximizing production and profit.  Smooth, quality operations ensure staff retention.  Make front-desk operations smooth and highly supportive to the practice.



Streamline core processes such as Bookkeeping and Income Tax for high quality and efficiency.  Eliminate staff confusion.  Create flow in the work while lowering internal costs.

Industry-leaders around the world are talking about John.  Explore Below to see what they are saying.

- N.G. & J.G. 

Accounting Firm Partners

John has been a true godsend to our accounting firm. We have grown very rapidly over the past 5 years and didn’t have the required systems in place to be efficient. We knew that we needed an outside point of view looking at our business and the daily operations. John was able to identify our weaknesses and strengths. He worked with the owners and staff to build a workable, strong efficient model for the core processes of our firm. I am happy to report that we feel we are truly prepared for our busy tax season like never before and have a scalable model for moving forward.

- R.K.

V.P. Operations,



"John Gaul is the best Master Black Belt I have ever met."

- R.S.

Quality Manager,

Precision Composite Processing, Germany

“John Gaul came to me as a consultant, supporting several Six Sigma projects to strengthen our market leadership position in precision slitting services. During the time we spent together, John became a friend of mine and opened me to the world of continuous improvement.”

- P.S.

CMM Quality Engineer, 

Aerospace Manufacturing

“As a black belt you run into many situations where you are unsure how to proceed. John was there when my inexperience led me into a wall. He helped me break through that wall.  Both technically and conceptually John was there to guide me!”

"I just finished my project and received my certification. I wanted to thank you and tell you how much I appreciated your teaching methods! It made the subject matter very easy to learn and understand."

- J.C.

Lead Technician,

Defense Mfg.

- D.F.W.

Master Black Belt, Consultant

"John is a trusted colleague who has the unique ability to work with individuals and teams at all levels of an organization, providing training, technical advice, and mentoring. His ability to apply Lean Six Sigma to a wide range of processes is truly an asset. I consider it a privilege to work with John whenever the opportunity arises."

- S.Y.

Site Manager, Advanced Composites Manufacturing

“John (Sum It Ascent) has done an excellent job partnering with my organization.  The training and activities to learning have really touched our folks leading to excellent Kaizen events that John has helped us develop, execute and sustain.  Planning for continued Partnering.”

“John’s lifelong passion for the subject has yielded him the unique case-studies, clever analytical tools, amusing anecdotes, and nerdy jokes which he uses to illustrate his lessons. His calm, approachable demeanor make his lectures feel like conversations, after which you will not see the world the same."

- P.R.


Engineer, Precision 

Composite Processing

"During my 34 year career as a quality professional, I have had thousands of hours of training and hundreds of instructors. John Gaul is at the top of the list."

- R.L.B.

Quality Manager, Advanced Mfg.

Chair ASQ Cleveland Section

- D.T.

Director of Quality - Happily Retired

“During my 40 years as a quality professional and a Six Sigma Black Belt Champion, I have worked with many Master Belts, but John Gaul is a Master Belt’s Master.  John has the ability to take a very complex problem and break it down to layman terms so that anyone can understand it.”

master-black-belt (1).png
  • Certified Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt

  • Certified Lean Six Sigma Master

  • 30+ years in business consulting, engineering, quality and process improvement

  • Author and curriculum developer

  • Contributing author to: "The Innovator's Toolkit - 50+ Techniques for Predictable & Sustainable Organic Growth (Wiley)"

John Gaul  |  Passionate About Inspiring Others


With more than 30 years of business consulting, engineering, quality and process improvement experience across many industries including many non-manufacturing domains; I have trained and mentored over 2,000 problem-solving practitioners across a broad spectrum of industries.  Always focused on results, I have partnered with clients and companies to achieve many millions in benefits while teaching them to do it on their own. Clients resonate with my passion for the work, and I am authentic and inspiring in my consulting, teaching and coaching.


I operate in the realms of Strategic Thinking & Planning, Innovation & Design, Business Transformation, Advanced Statistical Analysis & Modeling, Data Analytics and overall Process Excellence. I tailor my work to help clients solve different types of problems while bringing the best out in their people.

Also specializing in Lean, Statistical Analysis, Business Problems & Challenges, Kaizen, Change Leadership, Black Belt, Green Belt, Certification, MBB, Strategy, Design, Hoshin & Innovation.

Thanks for taking a moment to learn about who I am, and what I do.

With Kind Regards, 

John Gaul  |  Sum It Ascent.

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